Review Policy

All reviews posted to this blog will be honest and as fair as I can make them. Of course, we all have lots of feelings regarding books in general, and so I cannot promise that sometimes I will take a moment to squeal and/or moan over something, but we will always get back to the point. I love discussing the plots, ships, characters and theories surrounding stories, so this blog will be an open space for people to share their thoughts and opinions.

if you have a book that you'd like me to read and review, you can contact me at I will take ebooks or physical copies of prequels, novellas, arcs, and novels. I cannot promise that I will take all requests, but I will carefully consider each one. I primarily read YA, but I am open to anything else that interests me. I will read and write a summary and review on the book, honestly sharing my opinions on it, and link to the goodreads page of the book on the review.

Thank you!

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