Tuesday, March 10, 2015

top ten tuesday: ten books for people who like traveling

top ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish that allows us to talk about amazing books in groups of ten! This week the theme is "March 10: Ten Books For Readers Who Like _________" And I have seen some really creative answers to this. One of my true loves, besides reading, is traveling as widely as I possibly can, and sometimes that involves reading books that allow me to go to different places around the world. I usually am drawn to a book if it mentions the places of my travel bucket list in the synopsis. So here are ten books that involve a trip or the act of traveling.

The majority of this book takes place in one location, but it does involve an enormous move. In the very beginning the title character moves to Paris for her senior year of high school, where she meets a cute British/American/French boy. Romance and complications ensue.

This book starts out as a clich├ęd girl-with-no-family-finds-out-she-has-powerful-family rags to riches story. However, it quickly becomes a fast paced action thriller that leads our main characters from the Midwest to Paris to Istanbul and back. Bonuses are not one but two cute boys and an ancient mystery.

Though this book is part of a series, the significant travel portion of it occurs in the first installment. Karou is a young girl who lives in Prague, but performs strange favors for her adopted family across Europe and northern Africa. Avenging angels, burning hands and teeth make everything infinitely more mysterious.

The multiverse comes into play as a girl follows her father's supposed murder across dimensions. She hops to London, St. Petersburg, Berkley and the ocean off the Australian coast in her quest for vengeance and answers. Bonus: amazing amazing forbidden romance in imperial Russia.

Amy's father is dead. She hasn't driven a car since he died, but her mother has moved across the country and needs her to bring their car. Enter Roger, who also needs to get across the country and has the ability to man a vehicle. Many locations are visited in this cross country journey. It also has the added feature of scrapbook pages, which are really fun.

Jessa has a cheating scumbag boyfriend, but she also has a school trip to Italy to look forward to. Because the cheating scumbag will also be in Italy, her best friend sends along instructions to help Jessa get over her broken heart while abroad. Cute, fun, with many many musical theater references and the backdrop of the Italian countryside.

Is it cheating to put two Stephanie Perkins books on this list? I'm going to say no. Isla and Josh attend school in Paris, but they also travel to New York and Barcelona over the course of this fantastic romantic drama. Art and lots of kissing are involved.

Though these are futuristic renderings of familiar cities, I think they count. Beijing, Paris, and somewhere in the African Desert are all locales of these wonderful sci-fi fairy tale retellings.

Starting off in a blackout in New York City, this tale of a long distant relationship takes us to the western United States and Scotland, then back to New York again. Perfect quick, rainy day read for fans of falling in love.

Told in alternating perspectives, one of Catherine, from the present day, and another of Katherine, from Victorian England, this is the story of how Catherine moved to England for the summer and met a really cute guy who just happens to be the descendant of the author of a really old diary that Catherine has. Lots of mentions of Cadbury chocolate are involved, which are much appreciated by this reader. 



  1. I'm not much of a traveler myself, but I do love reading books that have really interesting settings. I agree that The Lunar Chronicles does this well, and I think the sci-fi lense only adds to the unique settings that the characters visit.

    1. I completely agree! I love the futuristic vibe of the settings, which make the cities a little different to me :)

  2. I just read The Geography of You and Me and was hoping you'd include it! Great choices! <3 Bee

    1. that book was SO cute, and i absolutely loved edinburgh so I had to include it!


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