Tuesday, July 7, 2015

top ten tuesday: hype

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish, where there is a different themed list every week! This week's theme is "July 7: Top Ten Hyped Books I've Never Read." This one is pretty self explanatory, so I'll just get right to it!

1. A Song of Ice and Fire Series – George R.R. Martin– Admittedly, I did read the first book, A Game of Thrones, and I enjoyed it, but I never could make myself continue on with the series! I have all of them, I just haven't read them, and I don't really have any plans to in the immediate future.
2. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon– I know that this is also a huge series, but I tend to hear more hype about the first one, so that's the one I'm counting on this list. I have it on my nook, and I watched the first couple episodes of the show with the intention of reading it, I just never have gotten around to it!
3. Anything by Colleen Hoover – I have heard a literal endless amount of praise for so many of her books, but I have yet to read anything by her! I plan to remedy this at a soon-ish time, because I feel like I should jump on the bandwagon.
4. The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt – I've been seeing this one on the bestseller shelf in the bookstore for a super long time, and I've picked it up countless times, with the intention of buying and reading it, but I just never have!
5. The Girl on the Train – ^^^ same exact reason as the Goldfinch
6. The Mistborn Series – Brandon Sanderson – I haven't ever read anything by Brandon Sanderson, something that makes me ashamed, but I do possess the books in the Mistborn series, and I want to get to them soon. I have heard amazing things about them.
7. The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern – I have owned this book for almost two years now, and I really do want to read it, I just haven't gotten around to it yet! I've heard great things from friends and around the blogging sphere, so I am looking forward to the time I finally pick this one up.

There are many more that I haven't read yet, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head! What are some of your picks this week? Leave me a link to your post in the comments :)



  1. Some of these books that I haven't read are on my TBR pile. My TTT does overlap yours a bit. The Night Circus is lovely and I read those Game of Thrones books, the first three I think so long ago and obviously wasn't too impressed because I remember very little.

    1. I really do want to get to the Night Circus soon!! I think I'm just so into the Game of Thrones TV show that reading the books feels like it would be overwhelming. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've heard a lot about Goldfinch. I've loved the ones that I've read by Hoover.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Here's my TTT

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  3. The Game of Thrones series is quite an intimidating one to start from scratch.

    (Here's my top ten)

  4. I've just recently fell in love with Colleen Hoover's books, but they are SO good. So good. I hope you enjoy one when you finally get to read it! I can't wait to start The Girl on the Train. I've been waiting on it FOREVER!! :) Great list!

  5. I haven't read A Game of Thrones series too and have no interest in reading it after I saw the pages! I've only read one book by Colleen Hoover, Maybe Someday, and it's really good :) Hope you try it someday!

    Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

  6. I've read the Goldfinch at that was OK, but not the best. And I put down The Girl on the Train quite soon after picking it up because the main character irritated me a lot. I definitely recommend the Mistborn Trilogy though. It's quite long, but it is incredibly well written and just amazing.

    Great list :)

  7. The only thing on your list i've read is Colleen Hoover books. So, don't feel bad!
    But if you're going to try Colleen Hoover, I really loved Maybe Someday and Confess was good too. But i've also heard great things about Slammed (hoping to read that next)
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

  8. The Night Circus is brilliant!


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