Wednesday, July 15, 2015

waiting on wednesday: the boy most likely to

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted over at Breaking the Spine, where each week we talk about a highly anticipated release.

This week's pick: The Boy Most Likely To – Huntley Fitzpatrick
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release date: august 18th

synopsis: Surprises abound and sparks ignite in the highly anticipated, utterly romantic companion to My Life Next Door

Tim Mason was The Boy Most Likely To:
- find the liquor cabinet blindfolded
- need a liver transplant
- drive his car into a house

Alice Garrett was The Girl Most Likely To:
- well, not date her little brother’s baggage-burdened best friend, for starters.

For Tim, it wouldn’t be smart to fall for Alice. For Alice, nothing could be scarier than falling for Tim. But Tim has never been known for making the smart choice, and Alice is starting to wonder if the “smart” choice is always the right one. When these two crash into each other, they crash hard.

Then the unexpected consequences of Tim’s wild days come back to shock him. He finds himself in a situation that isn’t all it appears to be, that he never could have predicted . . . but maybe should have.

And Alice is caught in the middle.

Told in Tim’s and Alice’s distinctive, disarming, entirely compelling voices, this return to the world of My Life Next Door is a story about failing first, trying again, and having to decide whether to risk it all once more.


This is a companion novel to Huntley Fitzpatrick's amazing contemporary called My Life Next Door. That book comes highly recommended from me, I absolutely adored it and have read it twice in under a year. From my understanding, this is a companion novel, not a sequel, so you could probably read this without having read MLND and be fine! I can't wait to see another story in this world, especially one about Tim and Alice. They were interesting characters in the other novel, so I am anxious to see what they're like this time around!! 

What are your picks this week? 



  1. I also can't wait for this! Bel highly recommended MLND and I have been a fan of Huntley Fitzpatrick ever since :-)



    1. I love both of her books, they are not so typical contemporaries that I was able to really get into. I hope you like this one when you get to it! :)

  2. I've seen this book around a lot lately, and it does sound great. I haven't started the series yet, but I have the first book on my TBR-list, so hopefully, I'll get around to reading it soon.
    Great pick and hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

    My WoW

    1. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the first book, and so I'm hoping that this one will have those same qualities that made me enjoy the first one. I hope you get around to it soon!

  3. Great pick! I really want to read this one too. I've heard excellent things about Huntley's other book and I really want to read that one too. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. They're just really solid contemps, perfect for summertime. I hope you like them if you decide to give them a read!! :) Thanks for stopping by Krystianna!

  4. Great pick! I also can't wait for this one!

    Thanks for stopping by My WoW!

    1. no problem eva!! thank you as well :)

  5. Replies
    1. You should!!! I think it is going to be something special :) thanks for stopping by!

  6. This was my choice last week. I am super excited for it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. I've been waiting for so long for this one, I'm glad we are both excited about it! I think its going to be good. No problem

  7. I haven't heard of this series before. It is not what I normally read, but it sounds interesting enough that I will have to check it out.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books

  8. Great choice. Excellent romance and Fangirlish is one of the sites in the blog tour so I got to read it early. Thanks for stopping by my WoW.


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