Tuesday, June 23, 2015

attending the Paper Towns Q&A

 This post is going to be something a little different from anything that I've ever done before, simply because the event that spurred this post is different from anything I've done before. It does still have to do with books and with this community and it was seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life, so I figured I share the story and some pictures here!

OK! So here is the story. As some of you may know, I am studying abroad in London this summer. So when John Green tweeted that he would be doing a Q&A for the Paper Towns movie here, I had to get tickets. The minute I saw that they were released, I snagged two for my roommate and I (FOR FREE might I add), and so we were excited just at the chance to see John from a distance. 

We got to the movie theater where the event was being held about four hours early, because we figured, if we're going to do this, we might as well go all out. We were about 15 people from the front of the queue, and about 4 hours later, everyone is antsy to get inside. There are dudes with huge cameras filming us in line and doing mini interviews with some people, and its just all very exciting. 

Finally, they started letting us in. They let in the first probably thirty people before anyone else, and at first we couldn't figure out why, but then, standing there in the lobby of the theater, was John Green himself!!! He was taking pictures and signing copies of the book and it was seriously so surreal. I have loved and looked up to John for over five years now, and to be meeting him was something that I've only dreamed about. He was seriously so nice, taking the time to really talk to every single person who met him, and meeting him just made me love him even more. 

After all of that excitement, we got seated in the theater. My roommate and I were dead center, second row, which was awesome, and after a bit, the hosts, who were youtube stars Dan and Phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil), came out to introduce the night. We got to see a 20 minute sneak peek of the movie (the prank scene!) and then John came out and started answering questions. 

About halfway through, they were talking about Nat Wolff, aka Q, and then all of a sudden, Nat himself popped out, which was unexpected to say the least. After a while of Nat and John answering questions, Cara Delvigne, aka Margo Roth Speigleman, came out as well! 

Everyone there was so lovely, and they were all answering the questions in a really thoughtful and well-spoken manner. Cara is gorgeous, as is to be expected, and hilarious as well. She wouldn't stop messing with Nat and John. They answered questions for about an hour, and it was seriously just so surreal. I mean, John Green is the most famous person I've ever met, and I have never in my life been less than two feet away from a supermodel? It was crazy fun, and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience something like this with their favorite author as well. (also here is a gpoy of me in John's instagram post lol)

It was an amazing night!



    That's incredible that you were so close to the front that you actually got to meet him and you in the second row. I can't believe you have a picture with John Green.
    Also, 20 minute movie clip? AWESOME.
    This looks like a great experience and I hope that I'll get to experience something like this in the future.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

    1. ISN'T IT?? Oh my god Olivia I was DYING I swear. Yes and the bit I saw of the movie was amazing!!! Its going to be so good :) NAT IS SO HOT AND SO IS CARA it was just wow

  2. Amazing. That's the only word for this.


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